Faneal Godbold


Height: 5'9"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue



Police/Detective, Precision/Tactical Driving,

Fire Arms, SWAT, Sniper, Stunts



Drama: SJH

Acting for Film: Rejoice! Performing Arts

Acting for TV and Film: Mark Miller

Acting for Camera: Bethany Rooney

Line Learning Intensive: Megan Foley-Marra

Dialect Training: Jon Sperry

Acting Coach: Michele Seidman, Cynthia Stillwell


5 Star Rating                                           Supporting                                     Al Mithell

The Taker                                                Supporting                                     Adam Vaughn

Crash                                                       Principal                                         Michael Elder

January                                                    Supporting                                     Wyatt Lasche

In Utero                                          Principal                                  Royce Freeman

I Am Going To Kill Someone This Friday        Principal                                  Durden Godfrey

Nascent Nation-A Superman Story    Principal                                 Heath Gleason

Batman: Master of Fear               Supporting                             Richie Watkins

Manifest Destiny                           Principal                                 M Dinh

The Brothers Statue                     Supporting                              Joe Montanti

Bandages                                       Principal                                  Chris Allight

Extreme the Movie                       Principal                                  John Landolfi

The Fifth Wave                              Featured                                  J Blakeso

Vacation                                         Featured                                  David Dobkin  


A Haunting                                    Supporting                              Greg Francis

HAON                                             Principal                                  Tanya Fermin

Vaughan                                         Supporting                             Michael Roberts

The Junkie King                             Principal                                   Joe Montanti

Married with Secrets                    Principal                                  Investigate Discovery

Scorned: Love Kills                       Principal                                  Investigate Discovery

Scorned: Killer Couples               Featured                                  Investigate Discovery

Containment                                 Supporting                              David Nutter

Dick Kelly                                        Supporting                             Carey Head

Nashville (Season 3, recurring)   Featured                                 ABC Studios  




Available upon request

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